Joint Review: FKA twigs – ‘M3LL155X’

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fka twigs M3LL155X EP album review

Joint Reviews explore the space where culture and weed intersect, rejecting holier-than-thou art critiques. Naturally, everything we review gets a little better.

FKA twigs’ M3LL155X is hip-hop from the future. It’s R&B from 2025. With a surprise drop, twigs continued along the path to auteur with the robotic sounds of EP opener, “Figure 8.”

The shape-shifting track is an exploration through the wormhole of her latest headspace, which she called “a spontaneous creative period.” Demonic whispers of pitch-shifted poetry define the single.

If you’re anything like me, you discovered the steel textures of second track “I’m Your Doll” eyes glazed with skunk in the air—Gorilla Glue #4 (cannabis sativa), to be exact.

And you’d be missing out if you didn’t view the video companion on in this mental state. The video album surprised and seduced, in true FKA twigs fashion.

At various points, her face appears on a blow-up sex doll, she transitions to pregnancy, and a slimy, colorful birth drips between her inner thighs. Yes, M3LL155X provides an experience that only twigs could create.

And that’s what’s so refreshing about her emergence as a prominent force in popular music. FKA twigs is authentic, wildly talented, and completely unique. She’s a genuinely odd artist—and that’s what makes her so endearing.

The club (and the rave) jaunt of “in time” is dance music filtered through hip-hop— slick pitch-shifting reveals brief moments when FKA twigs sings without overlay. Her affecting voice makes her status as a pop star clear; though she may hide behind whispers and walls of sound, make no mistake, FKA twigs is a fire goddess.

She is a woman. A black woman. And M3LL155X represents her “personal female energy.”

She doesn’t create music; she channels energy via hot-breath sexual tension.

She begs: “Hold that pose for me.”


And as a man… a heterosexual man… a hormonal man…. Excuse me a moment.


FKA twigs sings of sex, heartbreak, and unrequited love. For the most part, M3LL155X delivers on the intrigue it promises, the companion video mirroring the vogue-heavy, incredible dance production of her live experiences (not performances).

But. M3LL155X does require a very specific mood to fully appreciate.

Let’s say—lights dim, 12:34am, “come over” text buzzing, dark night beckoning, weed smoke dancing.

FKA twigs unleashes all the feelings of inspiration, art, and sensuality that one could ask of a pop star (if we’re calling her that; which yes, people are calling her that).

So as such, the hipsters, geeks, music junkies, hype-beasts, self-described intellectuals, rejects, and posers claim FKA twigs as their own—a pop star that truly represents of-the-moment counterculture.


I’m so baked.


Here’s the album and the score…

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Our Rating

8 Album

9 Weed Strain

10 How good is it under the influence?

Album: M3LL155X // Weed: Gorilla Glue #4