22 Reasons Why Young People Love Bernie Sanders

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bernie sanders millennial voters

The tides are rapidly shifting in a Democratic primary race that seemed all but won by Hillary Clinton a few months ago. Though the race still leans in her favor (for the moment), everyone seems to be talking about another candidate. No, not the blowhard machismo of Donald Trump, but the startling arrival of Bernie Sanders.

Bernie (as his pals call him) is leading a campaign with an infectious energy that’s gripping the millennial generation. And yet, looking at the guy ostensibly, Sanders hardly presents the buttoned-up look of a leader of the free world.

Guess what. That’s exactly why young people like him.

The millennial generation is starved for a leader, one that rejects the “bullshit” that Jon Stewart warned of in his final Daily Show monologue. That leader has arrived in the form of a gruff socialist who’s based his entire campaign on a novel political idea—telling the truth.

The grassroots campaign growth continues to reach a fever pitch, as Sanders is becoming a surprise favorite for the millennial vote in the upcoming election. Here’s why:

1. Conservatives think he’s a “lunatic.”

bernie sanders young vote

Ring-wingers readily dismissed Sanders in the early going. This wing-nut article labeled him “certifiably insane.” …I think that means we’re onto something.

2. His hair.

bernie sanders millennial vote

While some candidates cling to synthetic orange fuzz, Bernie has real hair—and it’s spectacular. The media sensation hairdo gets messier as more important issues are discussed. 

3. He marched for civil rights with Martin Luther King Jr.

bernie sanders martin luther king

Sanders attended the 1963 March on Washington as an organizer. As the #BlackLivesMatter civil rights movement grows, no candidate proves more qualified to address these issues.

4. Lil B supports him.

Yes, the Based God himself spoke out in favor of a Sanders Presidency. Thank you Based God.

5. He packs the house.

bernie sanders west coast crowd

At rallies on the West Coast, Sanders drew crowds of 15,000 in Seattle, 28,000 in Portland, and 27,500 in L.A. To put that in perspective, Hillary’s largest rally drew just 5,500. 

6. He has energy.

bernie sanders millennial voters

This is politics, right? Like C-SPAN, watching-paint-dry politics? What’s happening? I felt compelled to write this article and I can’t stop Feeling The Bern.

Seriously. Please send help.

7. He’s telling the truth.

bernie sanders truth

Truth is a refreshing take for politicians, who usually elect to speak in bullshit. So when Sanders speaks of wealth inequality, corruption, poverty, and healthcare, he actually means it. This guy supported gay marriage… in the 1980s.

8. It’s counter-intuitive to like him.

bernie sanders young people

If you say “up,” we say “down.” If you say “day,” we say “night.” The millennial generation has developed a penchant for combatting B.S. by pretty much doing the opposite of whatever you tell them to do.

9. He’s the underdog.

bernie sanders underdog

And America loves the underdog.

10. Donald Trump hates him.

donald trump bernie sanders

Well, Trump hates most people. But Donald lambasted him for allowing #BlackLivesMatter activists to speak at a rally: “That showed such weakness, the way he was taken away by two young women,” said Trump. +1 for Bernie.

11. He rejects student loans and college hypocrisy.

Quality higher education should be a right, not a privilege only accessible to the affluent. Just ask the 42% of millennials dealing with crippling student loan debt.

12. He talks about the money and corruption in politics.

bernie sanders young voters

Bernie recently created a bill to make all elections publicly funded, making oligarchs like the Koch brothers obsolete.

13. He believes healthcare is a right, not a commodity.

“Let me say loudly and clearly – health care is a right of all people, not a privilege.” – Bernie

Contrary to the Conservative rhetoric, the rest of the civilized world deems healthcare a right. So, you know, you don’t have to shop around for coverage if your arm falls off.

14. He talks about income equality. And means it.

wealth inequality

Contrary to Hillary Clinton, Sanders’ opposition to income inequality comes from a place of authenticity, seeing as he’s rejected the support of billionaire-class donors.

15. His campaign is grassroots and growing rapidly.

bernie sanders young voters

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Much like President Obama before him, Bernie benefits from a rapid grassroots movement that’s spreading among young voters. So go ahead and take a Bernie selfie, you narcissistic millennial, you.

16. He thinks a livable wage is a human right.

Ugh. Free government handouts for low-skilled workers. Such has been the narrative from Conservative pundits. The nerve of people, thinking a full-time job should allow them to live above the poverty line. Right?

17. He actually speaks for young people.

bernie sanders young people

“I’m real af.” – Bernie Sanders

Sure, he may not speak in emoji (important: do not relate to young people using emoji), but Bernie is actually directly addressing the issues that affect and matter most to millennials. For example…

18. He’s against The War on Drugs.

  millennials marijuana legalization

“Maybe it’s time we began to rethink the so-called ‘war on drugs,’” said Sanders, speaking out against the policy’s life-debilitating effects. He also supports marijuana decriminalization. Millennials like weed. A lot. 

19. His stance on climate change.

Enough said. Young people really care about this issue, and Fox News’ recent Republican debate didn’t even mention it once.

20. A tough stance on Wall Street.

“A kid who smokes marijuana gets an arrest record, but a CEO who wrecks the economy gets away with it.” – Bernie


21. Hillary just feels kind of… flat.

The above poll shows a decisive shift in New Hampshire, a crucial primary state. Unfortunately, Hillary’s campaign simply lacks the energy that’s resonating with young people.

She would need to take a decisive and powerful stand on issues that matter to millennials. We’re waiting, Hill. It’s getting pretty sleepy over at Camp Clinton.

22. He is the opposite of…

Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, John Kasich, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Lindsey Graham, George Pataki, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz.

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  • cg

    While I do not support his radical ideas, I have an immense amount of respect for Mr. Sanders. He is obviously a straight shooter and speaking from the heart; he has held his beliefs for his entire adult life, as seen by his activism in the 60’s. I also really like how he is respectful of his opponents while stating his own beliefs. He is obviously a very intelligent man, and would not be bothered by having him as president. Sanders over Hillary any day!